An Island of Wolves

Would you visit this sanctuary?

When you plan your vacation, do you like to make sure you'll get to see some cool animals while you're traveling? What if you could be surrounded by animals you might otherwise consider to be dangerous? At the Predators of Heart Sanctuary, you get to hang out with "friendly" wolves in a Vancouver environment. There are ten acres to explore and an animal handler who will assist you during your visit. It costs $200 per person to visit.

As cool as it seems to be able to have this opportunity, I can't help but think it's one of those things that's tempting nature. As friendly as these wolves may seem, who is to say that one day they might snap? My dogs are big girls and I know better than to disrespect their size to the point where, even as sweet as they are, I don't let little kids around them unsupervised "just in case." The same goes for cats. Animals, like people, can be unpredictable. That said, our dogs evolved from wild ones, so there are certainly truly friendly wolves in the world. I'm just not sure I'd take this risk.

Would you stay at an island like this one? Why or why not?

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