Helping Animals Through The Rockets' Red Glare

Do you comfort your furry friends?

Independence Day is one of my least favorite holidays. Spending money on fireworks, which my partner enjoys, is such a wasteful and dangerous activity to me; you might as well set your money on fire. But since he loves it, I try to be supportive, even if to me celebrating would mean not singing about bombs and rockets but protesting the injustices that occur here every day. My partner does support me in doing that much more often than once a year, I must admit. But I also hate how the fireworks disturb the animals. Dogs, cats and even chickens get so upset; I've had chicks die from the stress of it, even living indoors. I wish I could comfort them all. It also wouldn't be so bad if it were kept to one night, but around here it lasts for weeks. 

It turns out that many people did skip the Fourth to volunteer to sit with animals in shelters, offering them a soothing voice and company to manage the stressful evening. This makes me so happy and I know what I'll be doing for the Fourth when my own pets have passed on. They need me on that night, and every night during this "revelry," but I'm so glad that some people take the time to do this instead. 

Do you comfort your animals during fireworks (or storms)? If so how do you go about it? Mine are happy with me just talking and petting, but my aunt's dog really likes his comfort vest.

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