Extinct Animal Zoos

Would you go to one?

Of course you would. I would, too. Deny yourself the chance to see a wooly mammoth or a dodo bird? No way. But is it ethical? That's where we cross some very shaky ground. Extinct animal cloning looks like it's rapidly approaching and what it means for mankind and the earth itself could be quite amazing--and quite disasterous. 

Animal cloning could mean the end of extinction for all animals, as well as a way to let both exotic hunters and "foodies" who like monkey brains or whatever to enjoy what they love without consequences--which, to some of us, sounds like a horror movie come to life. It could mean disrupting the natural selection process of nature (and let's face it, mankind has no business doing that while simultaneously doing it by breathing) and consequences we can't even imagine--or rectifying the mistakes we've made by eradicating species on our own.

Where do you stand on animal cloning? Tell us in the chat.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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