Emotional Support Animals

How do you feel about them?

Readers of USA Today recently sounded off on what they thought about emotional support animals and the responses may seem a little cringe-worthy to some people. Readers are not happy about support animals being in the way and say that they should not become a burden to other passengers on public transportation.

This is a reasonable request, but the definition of burden is where it starts to get tricky. Is it that big of a deal if you have a therapy dog sitting a bit by your feet? If the animal poops on your shoe, of course, you have an issue! There have been some safety issues so airlines like Delta are tightening their rules about having the critters on board. Then, of course, there's the issue of animal allergies--should you have to fly with an animal if it's going to make you break out?

What do you think about emotional support animals in public transportation? Tell us your thoughts in the chat.


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