Dog Learns To Talk With Speech Device

A collar shouldn't be too far behind, right?

Long before Dug in Pixar's Up could tell us that he hid under our porch because he loves us, humans have wondered what their dogs are thinking. It would be incredible to speak with our canine companions, and that's exactly what a speech pathologist is doing with her blue heeler mix. Since my dogs are also blue heeler mixes this is incredibly cool for me to read!

Christina Hunger made an amazing adaptive device to teach her dog which button to press to express thirst, hunger and other needs. The dog has learned to communicate with the sound board, which just opens the door to so many possibilities. It's not as exciting as apes using sign language but it's pretty close. Maybe someone will make one of those talking collars before we know it!

What do you think your dog would say if he or she could talk? Share what you think and any other dog news you've read this week in the chat.

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