Dog Flees Animal Hospital

Pet decides he's done with boarding for the night

People who love dogs know that canines are at least as smart as two-year-old humans, if not smarter. Dogs can be trained to do everything from put their own toys away to do yoga with their owners, and some people even have service dogs who open doors for them. Some dogs, however, just open doors for themselves!

This gorgeous Great Pyrenees dog named General was boarding at an animal hospital overnight when he decided that he’d had enough of his stay and wanted to go home. He used his wicked canine skills to open the door and escape the hospital! Luckily his owners were able to find him hours later, but the fact that he was able to do this may make the animal hospital operators think twice about their security system!

Has your dog, cat or other pet ever pulled off something similar? Tell us in the chat!

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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