Do Animals Hate Winter

My dogs say no while my mom's say YES.

My mom has tiny Yorkie dogs who HATE the winter. They'll barely go outside to do their business when it's 35 degrees. My dogs, on the other hand, are 60-pound Australian cattle dog mixes and they love romping around in the snow. Their bellies don't scrape the ground, which I think helps a lot, and they are so high-energy compared to my mom's frail little guys that I think they just love to run no matter what. So when I saw this piece about whether or not winter is a big bummer for wildlife or not, I thought about our dogs and their responses and figured it probably differs from animal to animal. 

Many animals do perish in the winter season, especially if they don't have somewhere to hide when it gets mind-chillingly cold, and they do experience the same aches and pains that humans can go through during the winter months. That said, many also have adaptations that help them push on through the coldest season and for those critters, it might not be as unpleasant as it is for us.

Do your pets enjoy the winter months?


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