Dealing with Dog Allergies

How do you help your pooch?

It's bad enough when you have your own allergies to worry about, but lately it seems that everyone's dog even has an allergy! It's so frustrating when you can't seem to pinpoint the problem with your pets, especially when they itch a lot or are constantly in discomfort. Here's a slideshow to help you find out if it's really allergies or not, but it's always best to see a vet to be sure. Even a vet isn't always right, of course--skin issues can be very complicated and difficult to solve.

From prescription medication to fish oil, there are so many remedies suggested for dog skin allergies that it's almost ridiculous. Even so, it's worth trying them, especially if you're having trouble diagnosing and treating a pet allergy. Dogs can be allergic to anything from food to allergens outside just like we are, so it's worth it to try and test them by trying different foods (your vet can help with ideas).

Have you ever had a dog with an allergy? What helped your pet out best? Share your tips in the chat.

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