Cute Newfoundland Doggies

Could you live with a dog this big?

Big dogs are fabulous. Mine are 60 pounds each and while that's not nearly as large as many dogs, it's large enough where they sound like horses when they run through the house, their barking is scary enough to warn most people away and they're giant cuddle-pups who flop next to me and want to snuggle constantly. They do get gamier than smaller dogs, but I think that's just because of their sheer size and athleticism, and their poop is obviously something to contend with.

That said, I bet living with one of these gorgeous Newfoundland dogs is something to behold as well. These 150-pound giants could probably knock you over if not properly trained (my girls do that sometimes anyway!) and I bet they can make some noise! I love how beautiful they are but I'm not sure if they'd fit in my house. That said, I know people with Great Danes in apartment buildings because the gentle giants love to loaf around.

Do you have a Newfoundland dog or another large breed? How has it impacted your life?

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