Cats Vs. Boxes

Can you handle the cuteness?

If you've ever spent any time around cats in boxes, you know how adorable they are, and it's one of the most fun things you'll ever get to witness. At my house, we often just put boxes or paper bags out for the cats to run into, slide around and jump in and out of. There is a cat in a box behind me this very moment. The box was supposed to be for books I'm getting rid of, but NOPE, now it is CAT BOX.

You need to see this adorable video of cats doing just that. You'll probably want to watch twice, more if you're having a rough day. I could watch these cats all day! And I'm sure many of us have spent way too much time doing just that over the years, but since research says looking at cute animals is good for us, I say why not go for it?

Do you have any cutie cats at home? Do you have any adorable cat videos or photos to share? Post your links in the chat!

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