Best Dog Videos of the Week

Share your doggos!

We all love to look at cat and dog videos, so why not share some favorite doggos this week? I've seen several that I absolutely fell in love with, so I thought I'd share them with my fellow animal lovers.

First, there is this dad who loves to toss his son for fun. I know I loved being tossed like that as a kid, and so did my kiddo. What's so funny is that the doggo here wants to be tossed just like the kid does! It's so adorable! My dogs often want to do exactly what we're doing as well.

Then there's this Uber driver who brings a puppy for his clients to hold while they're in the car! I can't even! I know holding a puppy sure makes my day brighter and I bet his clients really enjoyed that experience. We also hear so many horror stories about Uber and Lyft that it's nice to see such a kind driver.

What adorable puppy videos have you been enjoying this week? Share them in the chat!

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