The Awesome Tibetan Mastiff

A dog as big as you are

Have you ever seen a Tibetan Mastiff? It's one of the most impressive dogs in the world. It's considered a primitive breed of dog, since it remains similar to the breed that was developed in Tibet hundreds of years ago. Their massive nature has been used for protection, particularly for protecting livestock, but now they're also a well-known family pet, even though they can often be bigger than children!

Although these working dogs can weigh up to a whopping 160 pounds, they can live up to 14 years, making them a pretty hardy pet. While the dog is very loving and gentle, the breed is known to not be as obedient as many other breeds. They can climb fences and, while usually quiet, can bark loudly, so keep that in mind if you plan on adopting one of these cool dogs.

Have you ever had a mastiff? What did you think of the breed?


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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