Animals Inside-Out

New exhibit at Milwaukee Zoo

There’s a new exhibit heading to the Milwaukee County Zoo and it’s pretty amazing. It’s called “Body Worlds: Animals Inside-Out” and it portrays more than 100 species of animals turned (you guessed it) inside out, displaying their insides on their outsides. Many people may recall the Body Worlds exhibit featuring human bodies featured this way, and this is the first time the exhibit will feature animals in America.

The animals are real and preserved through the science of Plastination, and people who see the exhibit will have the chance to see everything from an inside out giraffe to a bull, an ostrich and many other creatures. The idea is to depict both the everyday animals you might see on a farm or at home as well as exotic animals. You can plan to travel to the exhibit if you’re out of town because it will be available from May 6 through September 4.

What do you think of these Body Worlds exhibits?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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