Animal Cruelty to Become Felony in PA

Legislation passed unanimously

Animal lovers and protectors of all kinds will love this news: Tom Wolf, the governor of Pennsylvania, is signing legislation into effect today that will make it a felony to engage in some forms of animal abuse. The law, known as Libre's Law, is named after a terrier that was rescued from an inhumane breeding facility just a few hours from what would have been the dog's death. Felonious charges will be issued if an instance of abuse was found to purposefully harm the creature and resulted in severe injury or death. 

Most states already have this on the books so Pennsylvania is sort of playing catch-up here, and Govenor Wolf says that he knows this and appreciates the efforts of the activists who worked so hard to make this piece of legislation come to fruition. After it's passed, only two states will exist without the law.

What sorts of animal protections are on your state's lawbooks? Do you do any animal advocacy work?

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