Animal Beds From Old Tires

Waste not, and save some lives!

When you see old tires out as pollution, it can be disheartening. Some people re-use them as flower beds and so forth but really, what help are they when they have so little tread and they're so bulky to begin with? Enter Brazilian artist Amarildo Silva, who repurposes tires into helpful animal beds!

Notcing that stray dogs already used the tires on the street as beds, the artist decided to start collecting the discarded tires and not only gutting them, decorating them and making them into cute, comfortable beds for dogs and cats, but even selling them as his own line of business. He even writes the name of each pet on the animal's beds. 

Silva says that he hopes to do more environmentally friendly projects in the future. What great animal stories have you read recently?

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