Amazon On Fire

How can we help?

It's difficult to pinpoint a way to help with the Amazon fires raging when the country's own leader won't even accept it, which proves that we're living in the Twilight Zone if nothing else has already. How are we supposed to stop these fires when he doesn't even care that they're burning? Aside from the fact that we need a major overhaul of at least a dozen world leaders right now during this terrifying rise of facism, the people, animals and plants of the Amazon need people to act now. 

How about it, Zuckerberg? Musk? You guys got any aerial gadgets we could use to spray those fires from above? For citizens, there's a long list of organizations that are in better places to help than we are right here, many of which are already fighting to protect these forests on a daily basis. We can also continue to put political pressure on our own elected officials, even though there's only so much they can do when Brazil refuses to cooperate. There are also petitions to sign at the link, as well as info about a legal case investigating the fires.

Do you know of other ways to help against this senseless violence? Share them in the chat.

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