Alpacas Are Here To Make You Smile

Check out these adorable pictures

While many of us enjoy sharing cat, dog and other animal photos to help us get through the day (studies show that couples who look at cute animals together are happier!), there are plenty of other adorable critters to enjoy sharing pictures of, too. Personally sloths are my favorite to look at, but these alpacas are also adorable. Llamas seem to be the animal of the moment; I've even seen lots of stuffed llamas, llama stickers and other themed items at the store recently. Why not celebrate how cute alpacas can be?

Their fluffy heads and long necks make them so cuddly. It's really no wonder why people love them so much and these pics are sure to get you through a long afternoon.

Have you seen any adorable animal pictures today? If so, share them in the chat!

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