70 Horses Saved From Slaughter

Willie Nelson's Luck Ranch is a Horse Haven

Fans of Willie Nelson already know that he's an animal lover who speaks out against animal abuse in all forms, but did you know that he's also saved 70 horses from being slaughtered over the years at his Luck Ranch? He has a 700-acre ranch in Texas where he's rehomed the animals over the years. This is the place that he calls home when he's not traveling and they get to share it with him.

Nelson says the horses are fed twice daily and they enjoy a spoiled life that makes them the happiest horse in the world. Wilson is 90 years old and is not only still rescuing critters but also performing, but he also has a family of animal lovers who also help animal welfare organizations.

Do you know of any other celebrities who do great deeds for animals? Which ones are your favorites? Share them in the chat.


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