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Animal Sanctuary Needs Rescuing

When we are so busy struggling to make ends meet with our own finances, it is easy to forget that other places who rely on help from outsiders are feeling the exact same strains we are.  Donations and charity contributions always take a hit when the economy starts to decline, and that can have a disastrous effect on nonprofit organizations. 

The Wildlife WayStation, established back in 1976, is facing a serious crisis as funding has dried up and costs skyrocketed.  Founder Martine Colette began Wildlife WayStation after she unintentionally became the go-to person near Los Angeles for animals in need of rescue.  Ten years later, she sold her business, bought 162 acres and founded the WayStation.

Since its beginning, the Wildlife WayStation has worked hard to help animals and relocate them to the wild.  Some animals cannot be relocated and those remain to live out their days peacefully in the sanctuary.  Those days may be coming to an end, however, because there is a serious shortage of funds and the WayStation is forced to consider drastic means to provide for its animals.

The monthly operating costs to feed and care for the animals is $142,000, a staggering amount that is not being covered by donations.

As animal lovers, we owe it to places like this to support them, even when our own budgets are growing tighter.  Consider donating to a nearby charity or nonprofit this Christmas, and help keep places like the WayStation alive to continue their good works.  Without them, animals would continue to suffer.