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Animal Attacks On The Rise

Man vs Beast; Nature vs Man

Yeah, animal attacks are on the rise. Man is increasing in population and is encroaching on the animal preserves, the undeveloped areas. And in some cases, animals are wandering into human settled areas, looking for fresh meat?!

Now for a little more speculation. We are living in a time of crazy, weird weather, the cause of which most scientists say can be laid at the door of global warming, and to man's failure to protect the environment. The earth may be sending us signals to get in gear. Every year it seems that earthquake activity is getting more frequent and more violent, as if the planet is trying to shake us off, as if we might be ticks or a lice infestation. It is said that animals listen to the signs given by nature, and man generally ignore them. Speculation here -- Maybe Mother Nature has told the animals that's its okay to go and get us?

Item from ABC News -- "Animal Attacks Against Man on the Rise Threatened by man, elephants and tigers fight back and may even consume people." See the video.