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Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are another exotic, nocturnal pet that are among the more commonly kept, (when it comes to exotic pets). They are small marsupials native to Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, and Tasmania. Their small size, big eyes and cute, cuddly features make them very appealing, and they can fly!

While they are typically impossible to potty train, you can train them to fly to your hand and get along with other pets in your household. They are very lovable and affectionate animals who need the company of other sugar gliders and lots of love attention from their owners to be happy and fulfilled.

Sugar gliders enjoy a diverse diet and when kept as a pet, alot of preparation and study must be done ahead of time, as their needs are rather complex. They need high quantities of vitamin D and require live insects, fresh fruit, special bark and a variety of other dietary needs.

When I thought about buying a sugar glider, a friend of mine told me "no!" warning me of their intense odor and it seems he was right. While it would appear that sugar gliders are very loving creatures, they are a messy pet and have some discouraging physical traits that make them less appealing.

That being said, they are still undeniably cute and unique creatures. I think under the right circumstances and home environment, they would still make a fun addition to the household. Perhaps keeping their cage in a Florida room, recess room, or den will allow you to sleep at night while they bark and give you reprieve from the urine smell of their cage.

If you have a maid or cleaning service, perhaps you can convince them to deal with the constant mess of cleaning out their cage daily. It would make owning a sugar glider more enjoyable.... and they sure are cute! Did you know these little guys bark like puppies all night? They make a wide range of very interesting sounds.