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Man Shoots Fox? And? Fox Shoots Man? Wow!

A hunter in Belarus shot a fox, wounded the fox with a blast from a double-barrel gun. And a weird thing happened. The hunter, after shooting the fox, decided to finish him off, in a way not to damage the fox's meat or pelt . Apparently, another gun shot blast would have lessen the fox's value to the man, so the man went in to take the fox out another way, with a body blow from the gun's butt.

Well, this fox didn't follow man's  rules for a fox hunt, when shot, he didn't lay down and die.There was a scuffle. The fox put up a hell of a fight, and during the struggle the man dropped the gun, and the fox some how, using his paw, managed to pull the trigger on the rifle the hunter used to shoot him, and shot the hunter in the leg. Being a clever fox, the fox then scooted and successfully got away, leaving the man wounded, struck by a shot of animal justice, and bleeding pride. See the video report.