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Our Animals To Defend Us?

Item: Associated Press -- May 19, 2010 -- "The U.S. Navy is now showing off the latest line in the defense when fighting the War on Terror. The Navy has been training dolphins and sea lions, in case of a water attack."

Training animals to defend us? Is everyone sure this is the right thing to do? Can these animals be trusted? 100%? Can we be sure that these are all American born animals? Have we seen the birth documents? My concerns sound a little stretched, don't they? Well, training animals to be American hitmen sounds stretched.

How long does it take to train an animal? Four years? See the video. How are they trained? Like circus animals? So we are forcing animals, torturing them, to be what we want them to be, warriors in our cause? Why? Maybe, they are cheaper than using robots? They can't be stealth weapons, not now, because after all of the publicity.  Any terrorists, who are planning to attack us,  before they launch an undersea attack, they just might now kill all off the animals first. Wait a minute. BP is a foreign based organization. Their oil spill is killing a lot of animals. Can we be sure that this is an honest oil spill, that is threatening to kill water animals from the Gulf, all the way up the East Coast? An honest spill  done by greedy, incompetents? Or is it a clever pre-invasion plot? I mean -- C'mon, can any body do as many dumb things as the BP folks have done, and be for real?

Anyway, the poor dolphins and sea lions -- I wonder if any of them were killed or injured in training? Well, circus animals have been injured, some may have died in training.