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Mother bear wrestles tree to rescue cub

Today on the Internet is a little video that has the makings of going viral. It is footage of a mother bear rescuing her baby bear cub, who is stuck in a tree. The mama bear wrestles a tree to rescue cub  See the video  This is a  real life rescue by a mama bear of her baby cub stuck up in a tree.  How the little cub got up in the tree? Well, I suppose, the darn little cub climbed up the tree, the adventurous little fella that he is. His mama wrestles with the tree to get her cub free. She shakes the tree. She partially climbs the tree. And with a mama's persistence, she bends the tree, until it breaks, and comes to the ground, and her cub comes tumbling free.  The little cub, with his feet on the ground, takes off running, to scoot away. Happy that he's free, and away from that bad old tree? Or knowing that he's in trouble with his mama, and prudence requires a fast scoot?