Stop Seal Slaughter, Get Free Stickers

Stop Seal Slaughter, Get Free Stickers

If the idea of clubbing baby seals (and no, I don’t mean adolescent water mammals dressed in midriff-revealing skirts and halter tops shimmying drunkenly at some place called Spanky’s or Porky’s) turns your stomach, you’ve probably signed a petition or two against the act. You may have even emailed a friend or two to ask for his or her support.

Since Canada is hosting the 2010 winter Olympics this year, PETA is hoping to raise awareness to the plight of its seal population within this limelight. Now it’s time to bring that animal activism to your own community. PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is offering free stickers to people who order them before or on February 8, 2010. PETA will also be sending a free “Olympic Shame Pin,” normally sold at a $5.00 value, with each sticker order while supplies last.

According to PETA, hundreds or thousands of these baby seals are killed every year, an activity sanctioned by the Canadian government.  The seals are killed by being shot or clubbed to death.

To order your free stickers and pin, click here. The offer is only available for residents of Canada and the United States.

 Of course, stickers and pins aren’t enough—and if you’re like me, some gruesome campaigns (the pin is a little on the dark side) turn your stomach rather than excite you. If you’d like to take action without the bloody visuals, try: