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Newly Discovered: Vampire Frogs and Monster Rats!











A recent expedition took place in Papua New Guinea. In the center of an extinct volcanic called Mount Bosavi, the adventure was led by top biologists from the Smithsonian Institute, London Zoo, Oxford University and a documentary film crew from the BBC. The Lost World contained within Mount Bosavi yielded several fantastic surprises. Among them; fanged frogs, giant rats, tiny parrots, a spider that drops nets on its prey, a new species of fish that grunts, and a whopping total of 47 new species of animals.

The giant Bosavi wooly rat weighs in at almost 4 pounds and is the size of a large housecat. The volcanic center of Mount Bosavi is home to a solitary predator, the giant Monitor Lizard, which explains why the rat has evolved into such a beast.

The tiny parrots stand only 3 inches high and are the smallest in the world. The buff-faced Pygmy Parrot was filmed in the wild for the first time ever by the BBC crew for their three-part documentary, The Lost World of the Volcano. The animals are completely unafraid of humans, having never seen them before.

Extensive logging and desecration of rainforest is taking place all around the volcano and the expedition, documentary, and publicity about these exciting new species seek to bring attention to them and preserve their environment.

On a personal note, I find it astounding that we are still able to discover exotic new animals and native cultures. With overpopulation, urban sprawl, deforestation, industrialization, and the rate at which we are destroying Mother Nature, it seems so unlikely that anything pure and untouched is left to discover. While it gives one a gratifying sense of perspective, that the world is probably bigger and more self-sustaining than led to believe.... that perspective and sense of relief is short-lived.

While we may be discovering new life in the mouth of an old volcano, we know that because of global warming and ice caps melting, arctic life is on the decline and most urgent, is the ensuing extinction of polar bears. Still, despite the 200+ species of animals that go extinct everyday.... it truly is a cause to celebrate when new life is found.

The joy of knowing that there are wonderful and exciting new creatures out there to be discovered means that those same creatures must be saved from the ensuing destruction of greed-driven industries which, threaten their habitat. It takes every voice of interest and concern to outsway the tide of apathy and consumerism which plague and perpetuate the insatiable appetites of modern civilization. What have you done lately to support life on earth? Nature is innocent and enriching of all that is good and supportive of life. Stand up for it. Live simply, live well, and show your love for Mother Earth.