Whale Songs

The fact that over 80% of our own ocean remains unexplored is unbelievable to me, and scientists tell us that most of the acoustics picked up in the ocean aren't even identified! We literally have an alien planet right amidst our own, and there could be anything lurking in the waters. How many creatures have we yet to discover? The giant squid alone is able to remain elusive from humans, so imagine what other life could be sharing the planet with us!

An Island of Wolves

When you plan your vacation, do you like to make sure you'll get to see some cool animals while you're traveling? What if you could be surrounded by animals you might otherwise consider to be dangerous? At the Predators of Heart Sanctuary, you get to hang out with "friendly" wolves in a Vancouver environment. There are ten acres to explore and an animal handler who will assist you during your visit. It costs $200 per person to visit.

Saving The Dog That Was A Wolf

Animal rescue stories are so beautiful not just because we root for an animal who made it through adversity but because it gives us hope in humanity. It makes us feel so much better to see the good stories of people who care, and we want to believe that there are more of those kinds of people out in the world around us than the alternative. Some kind people in Estonia recently saved a dog's life from a frozen lake, but the coworkers soon discovered that the dog was, in fact, a wolf! 

What's Inside A Marsupial Pouch?

As a kid, I remember marsupial pouches being something of a mysterious wonder, and I wished that I could have one to pull random things out of. While I'm glad that I don't have a pouch like that these days (nor a baby that tiny who has to crawl out to learn to survive), looking inside different marsupial pouches is nonetheless incredible. From the inside, it almost looks like an alien egg rather than a mammal from our planet!

Welcome Back, Baby Tortoises!

In the last 100 years, baby tortoises have been absent from the population of tortoises in the Galapagos Islands, mostly due to our own fault. Humans haven't taken good care of the islands, overfishing and whaling and otherwise destroying the animals' habitats. We've even unwittingly diminished their numbers by bringing rats, animals that eat their eggs and ruin their nests, to their islands.

Alpacas Are Here To Make You Smile

While many of us enjoy sharing cat, dog and other animal photos to help us get through the day (studies show that couples who look at cute animals together are happier!), there are plenty of other adorable critters to enjoy sharing pictures of, too. Personally sloths are my favorite to look at, but these alpacas are also adorable. Llamas seem to be the animal of the moment; I've even seen lots of stuffed llamas, llama stickers and other themed items at the store recently.


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