This Dalmatian Will Have You Seeing Hearts

Looking at animals with unusual markings, color variations and other unique features is so much fun. I love seeing cats with colors with split faces, cute designs on pet fur courtesy of nature alone and other fun variations. I even love dew claws, so long as they don't get in your pet's way; one of my dogs has them and removal would be dangerous for her, but luckily they don't hinder her at all and I think they are cute!

Helping Animals Through The Rockets' Red Glare

Independence Day is one of my least favorite holidays. Spending money on fireworks, which my partner enjoys, is such a wasteful and dangerous activity to me; you might as well set your money on fire. But since he loves it, I try to be supportive, even if to me celebrating would mean not singing about bombs and rockets but protesting the injustices that occur here every day. My partner does support me in doing that much more often than once a year, I must admit. But I also hate how the fireworks disturb the animals.

Cute Dog Family Portraits

How well do your critters pose for family photos? My dogs, Australian cattle dog/ chocolate lab mixes who weigh about 50 pounds each, definitely don't sit still for photos--one much moreso than the other. All you have to do is look at them and they get too excited to do anything--likely because they hope they're going to get to go play outside, even if you're pointing a camera at them.

Cute Newfoundland Doggies

Big dogs are fabulous. Mine are 60 pounds each and while that's not nearly as large as many dogs, it's large enough where they sound like horses when they run through the house, their barking is scary enough to warn most people away and they're giant cuddle-pups who flop next to me and want to snuggle constantly. They do get gamier than smaller dogs, but I think that's just because of their sheer size and athleticism, and their poop is obviously something to contend with.

Vet Shoots Dog

As the owner of two blue heeler/lab mixes, I know how annoying barking can be. The sound of my dogs barking can be grating on my ears and I usually call them back inside after a moment of barking. I sure appreciate it when someone I don't know knocks on my door or someone tries to sell me something, though!

Owning a Pet Isn't Always Eco-Friendly

Did you know that some pets have some pretty high carbon footprints? We don't often thing about the ecological cost of having pets, but it turns out that keeping our pets healthy can come at a high price. The amount of food that cats and dogs eat combined results in 64 million tons of greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere. Pets eat almost 20% of what people in America eat so it makes sense that their food impact is as much as about 13 million cars' worth!


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