Zoo Monkey Sharpens Knife And Shatters Enclosure Glass

If we need no further proof that monkeys are sentient, aware beings who know they are imprisoned in zoos, take a look at this story about a monkey who sharpened a rock in order to use it to smash his own enclosure glass. He shattered the glass and proved that he wanted his freedom more than anything else. I get that in many circumstances, zoos are what keep animals alive. But why can't we just really enforce laws against poaching to keep them safe instead?

70 Horses Saved From Slaughter

Fans of Willie Nelson already know that he's an animal lover who speaks out against animal abuse in all forms, but did you know that he's also saved 70 horses from being slaughtered over the years at his Luck Ranch? He has a 700-acre ranch in Texas where he's rehomed the animals over the years. This is the place that he calls home when he's not traveling and they get to share it with him.

An Island of Wolves

When you plan your vacation, do you like to make sure you'll get to see some cool animals while you're traveling? What if you could be surrounded by animals you might otherwise consider to be dangerous? At the Predators of Heart Sanctuary, you get to hang out with "friendly" wolves in a Vancouver environment. There are ten acres to explore and an animal handler who will assist you during your visit. It costs $200 per person to visit.

Huge Fox Rescue Operation

While I'll never shame anyone who has ever had to hunt meat to survivie and wear that meat's fur, I'll never understand the sale of fur as a luxury item. Why would you want to wear a living being's skin on your own skin, and why on earth would you ever think that it's something to celebrate? Activists who rescue animals from fur farms believe the same thing, and recently some activists freed 170 white foxes from a Chinese fur farm to prevent their deaths.

Do Animals Hate Winter

My mom has tiny Yorkie dogs who HATE the winter. They'll barely go outside to do their business when it's 35 degrees. My dogs, on the other hand, are 60-pound Australian cattle dog mixes and they love romping around in the snow. Their bellies don't scrape the ground, which I think helps a lot, and they are so high-energy compared to my mom's frail little guys that I think they just love to run no matter what.

No Alpha Males, No Drama Among Baboons

What if you took every alpha male out of a society? Do you think it would collapse or prosper? When the alpha males died out of a troop of baboons, the latter occurred. The alphas in a troop known as the Garbage Dump Troop wouldn't allow other baboons to consume the food they accessed though the garbage bins, which means that when they ate poisoned meat, half of the males in the troop died.

Tiger Cuddles Pregnant Woman Through Glass

Have you seen the viral video going around of the tiger that snuggled up to a woman at the zoo? Well, the tiger snuggled as closely as he could get considering that there was glass between the two of them, but people are squealing over it because they believe the tiger "sensed" she was pregnant and was rubbing its face all over the glass, much like a cat would do.

Seal Boards Boat to Escape Certain Death

There is an amazing video going around the Internet of a seal that jumps up on a boat to escape certain death! A family was out in the water, watching a pod of whales, when the creatures' prey made a beeline for their boat. The animal desperately flopped up on the boat and you can see the fear on it's poor face as it tries to decide which is more dangerous: the black and white beasts that have eaten its kin or the hairless apes who yell in surprise as they float around on their boat!

All the Happy Animals

Nothing warms your heart the way an animal can, and this selection of 30 happy critters will have your day off to a great start! From smiling dogs to grinning cats, it's the most heart-warming thing you'll see all day. The best part is that you can bookmark it and return to it anytime you're feeling glum. Boring day? Check out the cat with the rock collection! Feeling down? Watch the dog try to help people rescue a vehicle and try not to smile.


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