No Stressing Out The Critters!

One of my dreams is to hold a sloth, which is one of my all-time favorite animals, but lately I've been thinking it's a terrible idea. I remember petting a dolphin as a teen before understanding how intelligent they are and how cruel it is to keep them in a tank, and now I'm thinking sloths probably don't like being passed around like a newborn baby, either. 

Make Your Office Supplies Cruelty-Free

Why buy pens that are tested on animals anyway?

When I read that my beloved Bic highlighters are likely tested on animals, it pretty much broke my heart. I am so particular about my pens and highlighters—I know, I know; it’s a total first world problem—and Bic is the only highlighter brand that I like to use. I don’t like their pens anyway, which is fine and won’t bother me a bit when I start boycotting right now—but my highlighters!

I have used 3M and Mead products in the past as well; these companies also test on animals. I won’t have any trouble leaving them behind, though. What I will find trouble with is finding the highlighters to replace the ones that I love!

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Try something else! The general explanation of stupidity is just doing something over and over again while expecting different results, right? Well, when it comes to our pets, we just have to try not to be stupid.

For example, my oldest cat, Fuego, is ten years old. We adopted him from the Humane Society when he was six. The previous family who owned him said that he scratched up the carpet too much, and that was why they got rid of him! “Humph,” I recall scoffing, “They probably just didn’t give him a scratching post!”

The Festo Seagull Robot


The Festo Seagull Robot

We usually think of robots as being clunky and clumsy with gears and wires visible. However, there has been a recent trend in designing robots that mimic animals such as snakes, spiders, cheetahs, fish and birds. This robot seagull from the Festo Company is amazingly graceful as it imitates the flight of real birds. Check it out.


What's Going On At Plum Island?

You may be familiar with Plum Island from "Silence of the Lambs," where Clarice Starling disingenuously holds out the prospect of "walks on the beach" to entice Dr. Lector to help her out.

"Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center. Sounds charming," he drily replies.

Plum Island is a small, J-shaped patch of land off the Eastern end of Long Island. It was named for the beach plums which grow along its shoreline. Doesn't that sound lovely?

The United States Government bought the island in 1899, and initially used it as a military post. In the 1950s the island was handed over to the USDA, which established the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, ostensibly to help our beleaguered domestic farmers cope with animal disease outbreaks.

Strange Happenings At Skinwalker Ranch

In the middle of nowhere, about a hundred miles east of Salt Lake City, lies a parcel of property with a long history of strange and terrifying occurrences.  The property is called Skinwalker Ranch, after the legends of the local Ute tribe, which holds that the property is the stomping grounds of the skinwalker.

The skinwalker is a Native American shapeshifting deity, attributed largely to the Navajo people.  The skinwalker is a malicious witch or warlock who can change shape by wrapping the skin of an animal around themselves.  Much like the werewolf of Western myth, the skinwalker's primary hobby is terrifying and attacking others. 

Skinwalkers may attack passing cars, or fling themselves at the doors and windows of a house in a furious attempt to get at the people inside.  The skinwalker can also emulate the call of any animal or person, and uses this power to lure people outdoors at night so that the skinwalker can attack them.

Coinstar: $40 in iTunes Exchange = $10 Mail in Bonus

Today must be the day for coins! It was just earlier when I posted a link to this handy little coin counter and now Coinstar must have decided they want in on some of the eshopper action! That is what I am telling myself anyway - don't ruin this for me! Coinstar is doing a promotion where if you cash in $40 worth of coins you can get a bonus $10 itunes gift card by mail. This super rad offer expires September 30, 2010.

Here is how it works:

1. Convert $40 or more onto an iTunes eCertificate at your local Coinstar Center®

2. Get your code for a bonus $10 iTunes card

Handbags: Function or Fashion?

I'd eagerly have to say for me, BOTH. I've always been one who chose fashion over function. I've even been known to walk around toting one bag INSIDE the other, simply because I didn't have time to change purses.
In comes my new "purse methodology". I now change purses every Sunday evening. It allows me to make sure I'm constantly changing my purse look, and keeps my rotation of purses moving at the same time.
How do you store your purses? I have an entire top rack of my wrap around walk in closet, especially used for my purse storage. They are arranged by size and color, I know, very OCD of me.
I have my "special" purses stored in their original cloth purse bags, and my everyday purses are lined up like soldiers, all in a row. This system seems to be working out great for me and definitely keeps me organized!

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