Endangered Species

Many people do not understand that there are so many endangered species in the world today. It is very important to try to help save them to avoid having them become instinct. Below I have shared some of the endangered species in the world that many people do not even think twice about.

Celebrities Call for an End to Shark Fishing in China


I remember seeing mounted shark fins in the windows of Chinatown back when I was a wee one. I was vaguely aware that the Chinese ate sharks, but then again, every American kid balks in horror when their friends tell them about all the animals eaten in China--dogs, cats, snakes, gerbils, what have you, be it true or false. But you could order shark fin soup in restaurants, so that much was real. We didn't think much of it--eating very big fish couldn't be much different than eating any other kind of fish, and after all, sharks were both awesome and terrifying and so eating them was a feat to behold.

Blackspot Tuskfish Seen Using Rock to Smash a Clamshell

Watch out people! FIsh are now using tools.

Robots aren’t the only threat to human superiority; several different species in the animal kingdom are giving humans a run for our money by challenging our intelligence. The ability to use tools was once said to be the domain of humans alone. The idea of human superiority in the “tool department” still prevails, but primates, elephants, and even crows have also been seen using tools. If the inclusion of primates, elephants, and crows in the short list of tool-using animals wasn’t bad enough, the addition of fish to the list is sure to be noticed. Now, there is photographic evidence--hopefully not photoshopped--that a fish is capable of using a tool.

Fresno Bees Go MIA

In Northeast Fresno, residents are used to 150,000 bees swarming among the gardens of the area, keeping all of the many flowers and plants pollinated and thriving. A local beekeeper, Hilton Osborne, has been there to thank for the presence of the garden helpers. His bees have been allowed to fly all over the neighborhood, providing punctual pollination while receiving nature’s nectar in return.

However, this week residents—and Osborne himself—are left wondering, “Where have all the bees gone?” Apparently, the buzzing bugs have been stolen. Osborne says someone drove up on his vacant land and took off with the bees, resulting in a loss of 28 colonies and up to an $8,000 loss.

Texas is Burning

Massive wildfires are burning across Texas. The worst drought in Texas in fifty years has dried out the state. High temperatures and fierce winds have contributed to the crisis. With over a million acres on fire, existing or potential fires are threatening all but two of the 254 counties in Texas.  Texas Forest Service (TFS) spokeswoman April Saginor told CNN Radio that “We’re seeing Texas burn from border to border.” She said that their priority was fires of over 100,000 acres that had been burning for more than a week.

Rafflesia is the biggest flower in the world, but also smells like rotting flesh


         The Rafflesia flower is so big it could play Audrey II, the giant, human-eating plant in the musical, The Little Shop of Horrors. Well, maybe it's not that big and it doesn’t eat humans, but its nickname is the “corpse flower” because it smells like dead matter.  So, it's got that going for it when it tries out for the musical lead. It seems to be the closest to we've got to Audrey II—this Southeast Asian beauty is the largest flower in the world.

Spotty Childhood left you Craving Violence? Try Monster Bug Wars

"The Marble Spider is heading for a marble mausoleum."

Please note: This is in jest; it is pure, utter sarcasm.  I despise animal cruelty.  I find it disturbing that The Science Channel actually makes this show. 


Do you want to see animals fight to the death, but the pesky ASPCA won’t stop harassing you?  Don’t those liberal bastards know that all creatures were put on this earth merely for the entertainment of man?  I can’t even arrange chimp-fights in my back yard anymore.  How’s a man supposed to make a living?  I thought this was America.

Well I saw a show that will satisfy even your darkest Michael Vick-esque desires.  It’s called Monster Bug Wars, and it’s on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on the Science Channel.  And don’t get distracted by the bug-on-bug violence, you could actually learn something from watching it. 


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