Pet Furniture

IKEA is relatively new where I live. I remember traveling and discovering the store, and everyone who lived nearby couldn't believe I'd never heard of it. This became a common theme in the area, which became akin to another planet to me, and where I once thought I'd love to live became a place I definitely didn't connect with. Still, I did admire the company itself and now that one has been built where I live, I do like to go now and then and check out what's new.

This Dalmatian Will Have You Seeing Hearts

Looking at animals with unusual markings, color variations and other unique features is so much fun. I love seeing cats with colors with split faces, cute designs on pet fur courtesy of nature alone and other fun variations. I even love dew claws, so long as they don't get in your pet's way; one of my dogs has them and removal would be dangerous for her, but luckily they don't hinder her at all and I think they are cute!

Cute Newfoundland Doggies

Big dogs are fabulous. Mine are 60 pounds each and while that's not nearly as large as many dogs, it's large enough where they sound like horses when they run through the house, their barking is scary enough to warn most people away and they're giant cuddle-pups who flop next to me and want to snuggle constantly. They do get gamier than smaller dogs, but I think that's just because of their sheer size and athleticism, and their poop is obviously something to contend with.

The Awesome Tibetan Mastiff

Have you ever seen a Tibetan Mastiff? It's one of the most impressive dogs in the world. It's considered a primitive breed of dog, since it remains similar to the breed that was developed in Tibet hundreds of years ago. Their massive nature has been used for protection, particularly for protecting livestock, but now they're also a well-known family pet, even though they can often be bigger than children!

Dealing with Dog Allergies

It's bad enough when you have your own allergies to worry about, but lately it seems that everyone's dog even has an allergy! It's so frustrating when you can't seem to pinpoint the problem with your pets, especially when they itch a lot or are constantly in discomfort. Here's a slideshow to help you find out if it's really allergies or not, but it's always best to see a vet to be sure. Even a vet isn't always right, of course--skin issues can be very complicated and difficult to solve.

All the Happy Animals

Nothing warms your heart the way an animal can, and this selection of 30 happy critters will have your day off to a great start! From smiling dogs to grinning cats, it's the most heart-warming thing you'll see all day. The best part is that you can bookmark it and return to it anytime you're feeling glum. Boring day? Check out the cat with the rock collection! Feeling down? Watch the dog try to help people rescue a vehicle and try not to smile.


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