Pigeons Can Detect Cancer

You've heard of homing pigeons delivering messages for humans, but have you heard of cancer-detecting pigeons? Scientists have trained the birds to identify cancer in images of tissues taken through biopsy procedures and they say that pigeons are actually just as good at finding cancer as human experts are when averaged out per flock. It may sound silly to do this, but it can help cut costs and time.

Lead is Killing Bald Eagles

The next time you want to smirk, "Eat my lead!" at some beastie you're shooting in the woods, hunters, think about your ammo. If you're a fan of the bald eagle, your choice of lead ammunition may upset you. Bald eagles are dying because they are ingesting prey that has been riddled with lead, poisoning the eagles to where they cannot even lift their heads up or open their beaks.

Animals Inside-Out

There’s a new exhibit heading to the Milwaukee County Zoo and it’s pretty amazing. It’s called “Body Worlds: Animals Inside-Out” and it portrays more than 100 species of animals turned (you guessed it) inside out, displaying their insides on their outsides. Many people may recall the Body Worlds exhibit featuring human bodies featured this way, and this is the first time the exhibit will feature animals in America.

Today is World Animal Day

Celebrate by giving the animals some love!

In honor of World Animal Day today, I’d like to invite you to take action with me. First I opened all of the windows in my house for the cats to enjoy the gorgeous autumn weather, then I gave them each some treats. Now I’ll be taking action as a voice in support of the animals, and I hope you’ll join me in the quick action links below!

Stop the Polar Bear Fur Trade

Did you know that people actually like to kill polar bears and sell their body parts and fur? It’s really hard for me to believe, especially since we’re already destroying their home with global warming and they are already endangered as it is. Click here ask President Obama to make protecting these bears a priority and to push for greater protections beneath the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

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