Dogs Adopted Via Pizza Box

We talk a lot about different ways to get the word out about pet adoption, but many companies are getting creative about it. A furniture store in Missouri not only encourages it on their radio ads, but they operate a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. A pizza company in New York is now posting flyers of available dogs on their pizza boxes and sweetening the deal: if you adopt a dog, you get a $50 pizza gift card.

Quokka Cuties

When it comes to Australian mammals, we tend to focus on kangaroos and koalas most of the time. Most of us have even heard of a wallaby. But what about the quokka? This little macropod is the size of a cat and is thought to be the happiest animal alive because it's always smiling!

Farmer Tricks Tourists With Tartan Sheep

We raise chickens (my mom says that makes me a chicken tender!) and I have met people who actually think that chickens only lay white eggs, and that our multi-colored eggs are weird. I've also met people who thought that chocolate milk came from brown cows (okay, those people are mostly children) but it turns out that many people are even gullible about sheep.

No Stressing Out The Critters!

One of my dreams is to hold a sloth, which is one of my all-time favorite animals, but lately I've been thinking it's a terrible idea. I remember petting a dolphin as a teen before understanding how intelligent they are and how cruel it is to keep them in a tank, and now I'm thinking sloths probably don't like being passed around like a newborn baby, either. 

Stop the Exotic Animal Trade

My husband and I would love to have a lemur, or maybe a tiny marmoset. We've pet them at animal rescue centers and really wanted to adopt some, and we've seen them for sale at animal shows. That said, we know better. It's much like using guns in this country--while we might enjoy shooting at cans and clay targets, one idiot (in this example, thousands of killer idiots) has to go and ruin it for the rest of us. That's why there shouldn't be guns and that's why we shouldn't have the exotic animal trade.


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