The Orangutans Speak

Back in my choir days, I remember our teacher stressing how humming wasn't a tight-lipped, harsh effect, like the sounds you make to annoy a sibling, but a light vibration against lightly-closed lips that almost tickles. The distinction was amazing, and it helps me to understand why researchers might use kazoos to understand how communication has evolved between species over the years. 

Dog Learns To Talk With Speech Device

Long before Dug in Pixar's Up could tell us that he hid under our porch because he loves us, humans have wondered what their dogs are thinking. It would be incredible to speak with our canine companions, and that's exactly what a speech pathologist is doing with her blue heeler mix. Since my dogs are also blue heeler mixes this is incredibly cool for me to read!

Pet Furniture

IKEA is relatively new where I live. I remember traveling and discovering the store, and everyone who lived nearby couldn't believe I'd never heard of it. This became a common theme in the area, which became akin to another planet to me, and where I once thought I'd love to live became a place I definitely didn't connect with. Still, I did admire the company itself and now that one has been built where I live, I do like to go now and then and check out what's new.

Feuding Critters

My cats, Sally (of Nightmare Before Christmas) and Pumpkin (Spice Latte), are lying side-by-side next to me on the bed today, enjoying the open windows and crisp fall air. It's been delightful and not only because it's obviously my favorite season, but because these two NEVER get along. They fight and chase each other, with Sally, who's younger, often bullying poor Pumpkin, who's one of the shyest cats I've ever adopted.


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