Alpacas Are Here To Make You Smile

While many of us enjoy sharing cat, dog and other animal photos to help us get through the day (studies show that couples who look at cute animals together are happier!), there are plenty of other adorable critters to enjoy sharing pictures of, too. Personally sloths are my favorite to look at, but these alpacas are also adorable. Llamas seem to be the animal of the moment; I've even seen lots of stuffed llamas, llama stickers and other themed items at the store recently.

The Deadliest Animal in America

When you think of deadly animals, you might think of bears, lions, snakes or even black widows. People who talk about the super scary animals of Australia are talking about the spiders, snakes and scorpions they find in the Outback, right? But in the United States, the animals that are most deadly are the ones we encounter the most often, including livestock.

No Fur in SF

Animal welfare supporters, you can cheer hard over this one! San Francisco recently banned the sale of fur in the city, prohibiting people from profitting off the sale of dead animal skin. It's always baffled my mind as to why people might want to wear fur today. It's not like they are depending on it for survival anymore.

Elephants Don't Always Get Along

We often hear about how social elephants are, but that extends to their personalities and preferences as well. Just because they like other elephants doesn't mean that they will like each other, as is the case for Ruth and Emily, who live in a zoo in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Not only are the two living in an area too small for elephants that is too cold for them during the cold months, but they are incompatible.


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