Whale Songs

The fact that over 80% of our own ocean remains unexplored is unbelievable to me, and scientists tell us that most of the acoustics picked up in the ocean aren't even identified! We literally have an alien planet right amidst our own, and there could be anything lurking in the waters. How many creatures have we yet to discover? The giant squid alone is able to remain elusive from humans, so imagine what other life could be sharing the planet with us!

Cute Dog Family Portraits

How well do your critters pose for family photos? My dogs, Australian cattle dog/ chocolate lab mixes who weigh about 50 pounds each, definitely don't sit still for photos--one much moreso than the other. All you have to do is look at them and they get too excited to do anything--likely because they hope they're going to get to go play outside, even if you're pointing a camera at them.

70 Horses Saved From Slaughter

Fans of Willie Nelson already know that he's an animal lover who speaks out against animal abuse in all forms, but did you know that he's also saved 70 horses from being slaughtered over the years at his Luck Ranch? He has a 700-acre ranch in Texas where he's rehomed the animals over the years. This is the place that he calls home when he's not traveling and they get to share it with him.

An Island of Wolves

When you plan your vacation, do you like to make sure you'll get to see some cool animals while you're traveling? What if you could be surrounded by animals you might otherwise consider to be dangerous? At the Predators of Heart Sanctuary, you get to hang out with "friendly" wolves in a Vancouver environment. There are ten acres to explore and an animal handler who will assist you during your visit. It costs $200 per person to visit.

Cute Newfoundland Doggies

Big dogs are fabulous. Mine are 60 pounds each and while that's not nearly as large as many dogs, it's large enough where they sound like horses when they run through the house, their barking is scary enough to warn most people away and they're giant cuddle-pups who flop next to me and want to snuggle constantly. They do get gamier than smaller dogs, but I think that's just because of their sheer size and athleticism, and their poop is obviously something to contend with.

Mammoth And Neanderthal Genetic Similarities

It sounds weird, at first, to hear that neanderthals and mammoths developed similar genetic adaptations, especially when it comes to coping with the cold, but it really makes sense when you think about it. Many mammals would have had to experience heavy adaptations during this time in order to successfully survive those temperatures, after all, and both species lived in the same areas, which would mean they'd need similarities. But genetics themselves?


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