Western Black Rhino is Now Extinct

Western Black Rhino is Now Extinct

In sad news last week, the International Union for Conservation of Nature announced that the Western black rhino is officially extinct, with two other species of rhino quite possibly extinct as well.  The Northern white rhino of Africa and the Javan rhino in Vietnam are both also very likely extinct.  There is a small group of Javan rhinos on Java, but that population is declining as well.

It is a tragic loss when any species of animal becomes extinct.  Even sadder in these situations is the fact that poaching has had a substantial impact on the species, and is blamed for the death of the last Javan rhino in Vietnam.

The goal for most poaching operations is to kill animals for profit, a fact which should sicken any animal lover.  That these animals should be exploited for a passing dollar, to the complete eradication of their species, is one of the worst transgressions imaginable.

We need to take action to stop the needless decimation of animal populations across the globe.  These animals have no protection without our intervention, and they deserve so much more than to be meat on the table or an exotic ingredient in a men’s erectile dysfunction potion.

The ivory trade nearly wiped out the world’s population of elephants, and it looks to be the same with rhinos.  Thanks to these heartless practices, we will no longer see the Western black rhino roaming free.  Our children will never know what it was like when these animals graced the earth.  And for what?  A tusk that is as fleeting as the dollar it represents?