Today is World Animal Day

Today is World Animal Day

Celebrate by giving the animals some love!

In honor of World Animal Day today, I’d like to invite you to take action with me. First I opened all of the windows in my house for the cats to enjoy the gorgeous autumn weather, then I gave them each some treats. Now I’ll be taking action as a voice in support of the animals, and I hope you’ll join me in the quick action links below!

Stop the Polar Bear Fur Trade

Did you know that people actually like to kill polar bears and sell their body parts and fur? It’s really hard for me to believe, especially since we’re already destroying their home with global warming and they are already endangered as it is. Click here ask President Obama to make protecting these bears a priority and to push for greater protections beneath the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Petition for the Animals

The Animal Rescue site is hosting several actions to take for the animals today. First, you can sign this pledge against fur and help raise awareness about what the fur industry does to animals—as well as advocate that it be made illegal someday soon. Click here to advocate for Hawaii’s sea turtles, which continue to be both hunted as well as accidentally killed by humans. To ask Japan to stop slaughtering dolphins for good, click here. And to demand that Spain stop its horrible slaughter of bulls by chasing them and pummeling them with spears until they die of blood loss, click here.

Give Money to Support the Animals

The Environmental Defense Fund is accepting monthly donation pledges to help support the welfare of animals worldwide in honor of World Animal Day. A gift of just $5 a month will earn you a stuffed baby ocelot toy; greater gifts may yield other toys as well. You can give these tokens to children or to as gifts to loved ones in order to donate in their names.

Donate to Save Gorillas

Gorillas have a very special place in my heart—probably because they are so much like us. It just boggles my mind that people would actually kill a gorilla and use his hand for an ashtray, or his head as some kind of trophy. These animals have families! They have personalities! And we act like they’re nothing more than plastic tokens… Click here if you’d like to make a donation to the Wildlife Conservation Society and help save the gorillas.