Stop the Bison Slaughter

Stop the Bison Slaughter

Have you ever seen a bison up close? They are such incredible animals. They’re like our own American elephants—not as big, no, and without the trunks, but just as awe-inspiring and majestic. To me, bison are as close as we’re going to get to some incredible creatures of myth—and they look like they’re right out of a storybook.

It pains me to know that these animals are used as food (just as much as it pains me that any animals are looked upon as food sources rather than fellow sentient beings, as if they have no personalities or lives of their own—or, despite that they do, theirs are not as important as our own), and it pains me to know that we systematically kill the animals for no reason at all as well.

The United States government deems bison a threat to other livestock—not a violent threat, but a disease-bearing threat. As such, when the bison migrate outside of Yellowstone Park to find food during the winter season, people panic about their supposed threat and the U.S. responds by hazing the animals back into the park—often killing them in the process. Those who aren’t killed, of course, are traumatized, for those who do care about the pain animals feel. In 2005 alone, 900 bison were killed in this sadistic form of disease control.

On top of this, when the bison population gets “too high,” they are slaughtered as well. This form of population control is used when the herd reaches more than 3,000. Given that this is our country’s last real wild herd, playing with their numbers like this isn’t a wise form of “conservation” as we’re led to believe, but effectively what some might call playing God—which, hopefully, people would be against. Bison were already on the brink of extinction within our recent history; playing with their numbers like this isn’t going to help maintain the species—particularly the few wild ones that are left—but only keep them in a precarious position.

This year, the herd is at 4,000, so we know the government may be about to go on a bison killing spree. If you oppose this form of “population control” and want the government to protect our last wild bison, please join me in writing to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar today. All of the information that you need is in the pre-written form, but please feel free to add your own heartfelt comments in the box provided.