Seattle's Mayo Jar Coyote Pup Is Free!

Seattle's Mayo Jar Coyote Pup Is Free!

The first report was logged on July 17th: a coyote running through South Seattle with a giant plastic mayo jar stuck on its head. The coyote was young, about 3 or 4 months old, and is part of a small pack that lives beneath the power lines near Kubota Garden in Rainier Beach.

With the jar stuck on its head, the coyote was unable to eat or drink. Animal Control tried several times to capture the pup in order to remove the jar, but to no avail. (It is almost impossible to resist the urge to refer to the mayo jar coyote as "wily," but I shall try.)

How long can a young coyote live without water? As the papers ran story after story about missed opportunities, residents began to fear the worst.Until Sunday, when South Seattle residents Roel Garcia and Jeff Bryant were working in their Rainier Beach back yard.

The coyote pup slipped into their yard and stopped. It seems that Garcia and Bryant had not been following the coyote's story. But it was obvious at a glance that the poor animal needed help. For one thing, it had a huge jar on its head. And Garcia noted that the animal was emaciated, and "looked weak." It was clearly in distress.
Many people's response to seeing a wild animal - particularly a coyote, an animal which causes an inordinate and undeserved amount of fear - would be to either run away, or try to kill it, or both. Americans have a long and storied history of killing coyotes for no good reason other than fear and ignorance. At the very least, we have had the fear of rabies drilled into us to a somewhat ridiculous extent.

But luckily, instead of either fleeing or attacking, Garcia and Bryant tried to capture and help it.
The coyote initially dodged their attempts. But it stumbled, presumably from hunger, exhaustion, and dehydration. Bryant "jumped on it and held it down" long enough to remove the jar. Once the jar was removed, the coyote leaped up and ran away.

Roel Garcia and Jeff Bryant aren't trained animal rescuers. They apparently weren't even aware that the mayo jar coyote had been making the news (and slowly starving to death) for a week. But when they spotted an animal who was clearly in need, they took action.

Frankly, the world would be a much better place if we had more people like Garcia and Bryant.