A Raccoon, A Night Run and Chase

A Raccoon, A Night Run and Chase

A raccoon escaped from a Russian zoo! Possibly on the run. Russian animals escaping from Russian zoos, American animals escaping from the New York zoo. Something is going on here.

There is a video on the internet showing the trouble, a run away raccoon gave his zookeepers.

He didn't act like a bad raccoon, as far as I can see on the video. He wasn't out raiding the garbage cans, knocking them over, or making a pest of himself, being anti-social. He wasn't something of a monster, a mutant raccoon, with fiery red eyes and a frightful face, like he has an evil brain. He wasn't being a particularly bad raccoon.

The zoo keepers found the raccoon high up, as he pleased, in a tree. One exercise challenged man had to climb almost all the way up said tree. When he did, the raccoon, as frisky as he pleased, then leaped down from that tree and gave his keepers a race.

Maybe the raccoon, out of concern for his keepers, and figuring that they could use the exercise(the climbing, the running, and wanting to have a night of a little fun) pretended to run away so that the humans would catch him, sweat a little and get needed exercise. They caught him easily enough, after a little sweat, and he got a little treat at the end. What do you say? Smart raccoon or considerate raccoon?

Item from the Associated Press -- "A runaway raccoon defied rescue workers as it ran wild through the streets of Kaliningrad, Russia after escaping from the local zoo on Tuesday. Zoo officials say the speedy critter has settled down since being returned to its enclosure. : See the video.