Pet Fennec Foxes

Pet Fennec Foxes

Fennec foxes are nocturnal omnivores native to the North Africa desert. They are small, large earred creatures that never exceed 3 lbs and are extremely social and playful. Not considered domestic, these exotic pets are kept in the U.S.A., Canada, and Japan although jurisdiction varies, meaning they are not legal in all states.

Fennec foxes are very active and need plenty of outlets for their energy. They are enthusiastic diggers and hunters and are extremely fast. They are able to jump really high and usually play well with other pets. Unlike regular foxes who lead a solitary life, fennec foxes live in harems (a community of foxes) and enjoy playing with each other throughout the night. Fennec foxes are naturally oderless and their huge batlike ears enable them to distribute their body heat in extreme temperatures (like the Sahara desert where they are from) and hear bugs walking on sand.

Pet fennec foxes should be fed a diet similar to what they eat in the wild: bugs, small fish, plants, berries, small eggs, fruit, plants, and wild canine food. While fennec foxes can be trained to use a litter box, it is best to provide them with their own room for their own to play in with lots of toys, places to hide, take a dust bath, and multiple levels for them to jump around. This will provide them with a way to expend their vast stores of energy without digging holes into your furniture. Because they are social animals, it is best to have at least two so that they can keep each other company. Outdoor pens must be constructed wisely, as a fennec fox and dig 20 feet in one night and are great climbers. Indoor crates should be used if your fennec is an indoor fox. Crating them while you are away will prevent your home from being destroyed and will keep your little fox safe, as they are very curious and will get into anything. Be particularly of electrical outlets and equipment.

Fennec foxes are not domesticated like a cat or dog. They are essentially tame wild animals who need alot of attention, affection, and training. They are very friendly and social creatures and can be wonderful pets. When hyper, excited, cranky, or upset they make the most god awful screeching noises but, do also hum and make very cute whistling noises.

They can also be taught to walk on a leash and wear a harness, though be sure to use care as once these talented escape artists bolt out of their harness, they are almost impossible to catch. Be sure to introduce your dog or cat to the fennec with special attention, too. The fennec will definitely want to play with the other pets in your household but, his exhuberance may be ill received after the other pets have been worn out, so always supervise.

I personally, cannot WAIT to have my own pair of fennec foxes. These are definitely not apartment pets, though. Make sure you have the space and resources to make a great home for your little foxes.

And remember, first check if you are allowed to keep a fennec fox in your state. If so, you may first have to obtain a license to own an exotic pet.