Make Your Office Supplies Cruelty-Free

Make Your Office Supplies Cruelty-Free

Why buy pens that are tested on animals anyway?

When I read that my beloved Bic highlighters are likely tested on animals, it pretty much broke my heart. I am so particular about my pens and highlighters—I know, I know; it’s a total first world problem—and Bic is the only highlighter brand that I like to use. I don’t like their pens anyway, which is fine and won’t bother me a bit when I start boycotting right now—but my highlighters!

I have used 3M and Mead products in the past as well; these companies also test on animals. I won’t have any trouble leaving them behind, though. What I will find trouble with is finding the highlighters to replace the ones that I love!

But you have to ask yourself what is more important—buying office supplies that you are used to, or buying those that are tested on animals? I definitely don’t want, say, whiteout or ink that was injected into kitten eyes to see how harmful it could possibly be to humans (or however else they’re being tested). Not only is this cruel and inhumane to the animals, causing unnecessary suffering and death to sentient beings who can feel pain and fear; it’s also not an effective form of testing. If you want to see how something affects humans, you have to test it on humans—which can be done with computer programs, too.

The good news is that there are some mainstream brands that you can easily find that do not test on animals; check the link above to learn more about some of these, such as Pilot Pen and Newell Rubbermaid, perhaps better known for products like Sharpie, Uniball, and Liquid Paper. These products aren’t specialty ones that you have to order online; they would be available at anywhere from your local supermarket to your office supply store or discount store.

You can also search for cruelty-free products online via search engines, such as this PETA tool. In Defense of Animals also hosts an easy to use cruelty free search engine. If you want to know for sure if your favorite office supplier (or other company) tests on animals, you could always call and ask to speak with someone who would know, too.

If you have any recommendations for more cruelty-free products (especially highlighters that would compare to the Bic ones that I love so much, with the perfect slant and color shade and range), please post them her at Animal Report.