How to House Train Your Pup

How to House Train Your Pup


In simple words, housebreaking is the training process for a pet animal that lives with humans inside the house. The term housebreaking is also synonymously used as house training. This training is specifically designed to make the animal intelligent enough to urinate and defecate outside the house or at a particular designated place within the house. The evolution of the name housebreaking comes from the fact that the owner of the pet intends to break the habit of the animal to defecate inside; hence breaking the habit inside the house evolved the term housebreaking. The term however is not equally implied to all animals. It is not necessary that every animal should be housebroken. Dogs are the class of animals that can be housebroken with a little patience.

Housebreaking is among the first lessons that a new puppy learns at the house. The training process should start immediately after you bring the puppy to the home. Housetraining puppy is easy since they are in the learning stages of their life. The housetraining process is slow and it thus requires patience. If your puppy is very young than the housebreaking process requires more patience.  It is evident that puppies cannot control their desire to defecate anywhere until 3 months of age. A statistical analysis shows that puppies need to relieve themselves approximately six times a day.

Among the housetraining methods, crate training is very popular and widely used. The methods exploit the basic instinct of the canines. Dogs like all other canines do not soil their own dens. The crate training method exploits this instinct and confines the dog within an artificial den. This process implies when the dog cannot be closely supervised. The process serves rightfully since after some time, puppies become fond of it. The process is applicable to all breed of dogs.

There are also some points that you need to keep in mind while housebreaking is in process. Signs such as circling, sniffing and pacing indicate that this is the time to take the puppy outside or at a designated place where you want it to urinate or defecate. Don’t try to punish the puppy for a mistake while you are in housebreaking process, this would destroy the aims associated with the housebreaking process. A schedule is also of great concern the housebreaking process. This means having a fixed time to feed the puppy and a fixed time to take the puppy outside straight away after eating. Try to use a word like let’s go outside to make the puppy familiar with the word. The crating process is helpful while you are away. The puppy remains in the crate restricted to one of its own instincts. You should also follow a reward philosophy; praise your puppy when he behaves well.

Consistency is very important in the housebreaking process. The same schedule, the same methodology, the same word and yet everything in the housetraining process should remain consistent. Whether it is any of the methods used for housebreaking, patience is the only requirement. It may take several weeks or months but you will definitely see a positive result.