Cute Overload

Cute Overload

If your work week is draining you, if you feel like throttling your boss,  or at least throwing the hole punch at that smarmy co-worker that keeps commenting on your lack of love life, then I have just the ticket.

For the ultimate de-stress hit, jump over to  Packed with the cutest (duh) pictures of animals that you have ever seen, you will be smelling the roses and smiling about life within just a few minutes.

A must-bookmark site for any animal lover, there are pictures of all kinds of animals so you can gorge on adorable images of your favorite species to your heart's content, or even submit images of your own cute and cuddly critter friends.  Although cats and dogs abound, of course, the site has no species bias, featuring photos of many unusual animals such as armadillos, otters, bats, and evencaterpillars!  (I defy you to still be afraid of spiders after seeing this 'close-up' of a tarantula!  What's so scary about that?)

The site even takes cuteness to a whole new level, with it's own language!  If you have ever snorgled your cat, then it is high time you barfed a rainbow on this site, if you really want to call yourself a 'cuteologist'.

From the teeny tiny bunnies in pots pic that started the site's rise to popularity in 2005 to the most recent additions of full-up froggies and Red Panda traffic updates the site has thousands of adorable animal photos.

Just what you need to brighten up the dullest, drabbest day and bring a smile to your face!