Care2 Adds Wolf Habitat to “Click to Make a Difference” Program

Care2 Adds Wolf Habitat to “Click to Make a Difference” Program

When I started out as an activist, Care2 was my hub. Though I’ve found several others since, Care2 is the one I always come back to. They have petitions—you can even create your own—helpful environmental articles, shopping resources, eCards, and a plethora of resources for both the budding and the seasoned activist.

One novel concept at Care2 that has made me visit daily, however, is its Click to Make a Difference Program. When I first joined Care2, I believe there were only three causes to click for—big cat habitat, rainforest habitat, and breast cancer. Perhaps there were one or two others.

Since then, the program has expanded to include many more causes, from children’s health to ocean habitat to violence against women and more. In fact, there are now eleven causes at the site, with an additional “click” you can take to take the Daily Action, which is usually signing a petition, learning about an issue or taking action some other way.

This week Care2 has announced the exciting launch of a new addition to their Click to Make a Difference Program—the protection of wolves. You can only click once a day, but you can do it every single day—and your clicks will all support Defenders of Wildlife and their efforts to protect wolves.

Wolves are listed as endangered animals, and Defenders of Wildlife helps protect them through a variety of ways. They work to end aerial hunting of wolves as well as to preserve habitats and mediate conflicts with area farmers over the loss of livestock, which is the leading causes of death for wolves.

If you are wondering how the donation is actually “free,” here is how it works: you make the click. Sponsors pay to be featured on the page you are clicking on, the page after you click, or both. Your click is counted and the sponsors pay for it with their advertising dollars. It’s really simple, similar to back when people pledged you per mile you walked for your favorite cause. Remember those days? Now that you’re older you can still raise money for the causes you care about—from the comfort of your own home!

I hope that you will join me in clicking for this new cause today. Be sure to bookmark it and click every day if you can—it only takes moments—and pass it on to your friends and family, particularly those who would care about this cause.