Dogs Adopted Via Pizza Box

This NY company is helping dogs find homes

We talk a lot about different ways to get the word out about pet adoption, but many companies are getting creative about it. A furniture store in Missouri not only encourages it on their radio ads, but they operate a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. A pizza company in New York is now posting flyers of available dogs on their pizza boxes and sweetening the deal: if you adopt a dog, you get a $50 pizza gift card.

Just Pizza & Wing Co. started the special after the owner, Mary Alloy, spent time volunteering with the Niagra Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. An event coordinator suggested the idea to the business owner and it stuck.

What are some other creative ways people are advertising pet shelters? Share what you find in the chat!

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Quokka Cuties

Check out these adorable critters!

When it comes to Australian mammals, we tend to focus on kangaroos and koalas most of the time. Most of us have even heard of a wallaby. But what about the quokka? This little macropod is the size of a cat and is thought to be the happiest animal alive because it's always smiling!

The one thing that quokkas do that isn't cute and that many humans find horrifying is throw their babies from their pouches as a distraction to get away from danger. Given how many parents, mothers in particular, are so self-sacrificing in the animal kingdom it sounds like a brutal tactic, but it honestly makes sense: if you're going to save one of the two threatened animals, save the one with the best chance of survival. It's the same with humans in distress while in labor: it makes much more sense to save the mother than to leave an infant without the parent.

What do you think of these interesting animals? Have you ever seen a quokka? Tell us your thoughts in the chat.

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Chiang Rai Resort Lets You Sleep Near Elephants

How does a clear bubble tent sound?

This is definitely a luxury item for the bucket list if you love elephants. At the Chiang Rai resort in Thailand, you can sleep in a bubble-shaped, see-through Jungle Bubbles that offer you a complete view of the wilderness.

If that sounds a little intense and you'd rather see the elephants from a greater distance, they also have more conventional rooms that still have spectacular views. It's definitely pricey, although certain packages do include meals, airport transfers, and daily activities.

Would you stay in one of these Jungle Bubbles? What do you think of the opportunity to sleep near elephants?

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Sea Lion Joy Ride

Who wouldn't be tempted to enjoy some time on a boat?

Two big sea lions took off with someone's boat and the video has gone viral. If that's not weird enough, the two denied a third sea lion entry onto the boat when it tried to join them!

Sea lions are pretty smart animals so you have to wonder what their goal was here. Did they just want a bit of fun? They likely just wanted to rest while they were out swimming and the boat looked as good as any spot on shore... right? If they've actually evolved to the point where they're going to start stealing everybody's boats we may be in trouble. Lock up your boats! Lock up your jet skis! The sea lions are coming.

What other funny animal stories have you read this week? Share them in the chat.

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Farmer Tricks Tourists With Tartan Sheep

It's too hilarious and has to be shared!

We raise chickens (my mom says that makes me a chicken tender!) and I have met people who actually think that chickens only lay white eggs, and that our multi-colored eggs are weird. I've also met people who thought that chocolate milk came from brown cows (okay, those people are mostly children) but it turns out that many people are even gullible about sheep. A Scottish farmer has been pranking tourists, telling them that his sheep grow Tartan wool, and completing the joke with marking spray!

I love stories like this because it's just so fun, and hopefully the people getting pranked enjoy it, too. It's like something we might do in GISHWHES. I have to say that if I had sheep I'd be tempted to do the same thing. 

Have you read any other funny animal stories this week? Share them in the chat!

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Ask Mattel to Reduce Their Packaging

Let's ask every company to do the same

Let's make 2020 the year we say no to plastic, or at least say no to as much plastic as we can. If you're not using reusable bags already, maybe you could try starting with just one, or saying no whenever possible. You could also start by asking companies like Mattel that use way too much packaging to tone it down.

Our oceans are polluted with over 28 billion pounds of plastic... a year. That's an incredibly sobering thought, and that plastic is polluting and killing marine life. It's also ending up in our food. Scientists predict that plastic will outweigh the number of fish in the ocean if this keeps up.

Please sign the letter above asking Mattel to reduce their packaging and share any other actions that you know of in the chat.

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Class Helps Boy Ride Unicorn Before Brain Surgery

Five-year-old has wish fulfilled by friends

Preparing for brain surgery would be terrifying for anyone, let alone a five-year-old child. That's why this story about five-year-old Wyatt Haas of Montana is especially heartwarming. He wanted to ride a unicorn as his dream, and his classmates' parents helped to make it happen before he went to St. Jude's for surgery. 

One of the mothers of the children in Wyatt's class organized the event, where a white pony, complete with rainbow dots and stripes painted on with chalk and a silver horn attached to its head, gave each child a ride. The pony was owned by another mother in the class.

Have you read any other heartwarming stories about kids and animals this week? Share them in the chat.

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The Irwin Family Rescues Animals of Australia

They've helped more than 90,000 animals

The Irwin family of Australia remains one of the most beloved families of the world despite the loss of Steve Irwin in 2006. Now the family is helping to save animals who've been harmed in the Australian wildfires, treating the animals at the Queensland Zoo where his daughter, Bindi, says that they are safe.

Bindi took to social media to explain how caring for animals is how the family honors her grandmother's legacy, and she shared how the family is helping many of the animals they currently have in hospital right now. 

She's calling for donations to help rehabilitate the animals at Wildlife Warriors, so please feel free to give or share the link, whatever you can do. Do you know of other good places to donate that are helping the animals of Australia? Please share them in the chat.

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Snake Shirt Causes Anxiety

What do you think?

In a strange news story, a 10-year-old was forced to turn his shirt inside-out at the airport in New Zealand when security officers decided that it might cause anxiety among the passengers. The shirt didn't contain profanity, a MAGA slogan or hate speech: it simply depicted a very realistic-looking snake slithering up the boy's shirt! Click to see what it looks like.

While I am glad the security team was looking out for their passengers' comfort and safety (could you imagine them doing this in the United States?), I also wonder about how legit it is regarding the shirt itself being such a stress-inducer. I've seen so many worse shirts that gave me stress but I guess people may have mistaken this for a real snake!

Do you think the shirt would've caused anxiety on the plane?

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No Stressing Out The Critters!

Even if they are adorbs

One of my dreams is to hold a sloth, which is one of my all-time favorite animals, but lately I've been thinking it's a terrible idea. I remember petting a dolphin as a teen before understanding how intelligent they are and how cruel it is to keep them in a tank, and now I'm thinking sloths probably don't like being passed around like a newborn baby, either. 

Case in point: a wildlife center has decided to cancel their yoga classes involving sloths because animal welfare activists say that the classes will be too stressful on the creatures. As much as I'd want to take such a class... they are probably right, and canceling the classes is likely the right thing to do. I hope that we continue to look out for animals and keep making these hard decisions about what's best for them, even if it's not what we want or even inconvenient for us.

What do you think of classes that involve live animals? Are there any that are more ethical than others? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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