Halloween Animal Memes

Now that Halloween is upon us, all of the Halloween memes are circulating and I'm so here for them. The black cat memes are my favorites; I've always had a black cat since childhood and will always love them with all my heart. But there are such faBOOlous animal Halloween memes for all kinds of creatures!

From goofy pet costumes to wild animals with their pumpkins, there are spoopy memes about all kinds of animals right now. It's my favorite time of year for memes and I'm compiling a big pile for a massive Meme Dump on social media, which is obviously the best use of social media right now. Who couldn't use some laughs? 

Share your favorite animal Halloween memes in the chat! 

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Cougar Mama Tells Hiker Off

When it comes to protecting cubs, what else is a mom to do?

It may not be as bad as trying to take selfies with a bear or moose only to be gored or killed in the process, but it's pretty close. A hiker shared a video of a cougar chasing after him, appearing mightily angry and fierce, and kept filming even as she made it clear that he wouldn't have long to live if he came any closer.

He'd come too close to her babies, which was his first mistake, but then he filmed her for several minutes instead of high-tailing it out of there. Are people actively trying to get hurt by wild animals these days? Has Covid got them this desperate for excitement in their lives?

Share other videos you've seen of animals protecting their young in the chat.

Fake Eggs Deter Poachers

Or how wildlife activists get inspired by Breaking Bad!

Poachers may always be a problem. There's really no way to stop every poacher in action. But we can definitely stop many, if not most of them, and scientists are taking a page from shows like The Wire and Breaking Bad to foil their plans like superheroes. 

In short, they're using decoy eggs to trick poachers into believing they're scoring turtle eggs while they are actually picking up 3-D printed eggs filled with tracking devices! Not only will they stop them from nabbing actual eggs in the process, but they'll be able to find the poachers, too.

What other creative ways are people helping animals this week? Share them in the chat.

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Worst Animals in Movie History

Still better than Twilight?

When it comes to animals portrayed in films, I have to say that I set the bar pretty low with my expectations. That's because I love animals and would rather see them not featured in films at all, and if you're going to use CGI instead I'm super on board! 

That said, there are always going to be some less than stellar animals in movies. My favorite movies, The Goonies and The Neverending Story, both have weird animal portrayals in their respective octopus, wolf (Gmork) and luck dragon (Falkor). To me they are still special and I love them... but they are pretty terrible! 

So which animal portrayals through CGI do you think are the worst of all? Share them in the chat! 

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Cave Bear Found Preserved in Arctic

Bear is perfectly preserved

An incredible discovery was recently made in the Russian Arctic: a bear from the Ice Age. The specimen is perfectly preserved, with stunning photos of sharp teeth, an ancient muzzle and all of its internal organs in place. It's a rare and amazing find.

This bear could provide us with so many answers about the past. It was discovered among the Sibern islands in the melting permafrost. This type of bear has been extinct for 15,000 years. 

Have you read about any othe interesting animal finds this week? Share them in the chat.


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Oldest Animal Sperm Discovered

Let's hope scientists don't use it to tempt fate...

If there ever were a year for humans to NOT find ancient sperm to replicate and experiment with, by god, it's this year. 2020 is NOT the time to go playing with evolution, amirite? Still, this discovery of 100 million year old sperm is pretty incredible.

Scientists have found this ancient crustacean sperm, which is larger than human sperm, in a piece of amber. The species, whose class continues to live to this day, can make sperm ten times larger than they are, which is pretty impressive!

Have you read any other cool animal stories this week? Share them in the chat!

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Halloween Animals

Which are your favorties?

When Halloween comes around, we all have our special Halloween critters we love to display. For some it's all about the black cats and bats, while others dig dragons, werewolves and other creatures. 

But what makes an animal a Halloween animal? Is it the creature's history and lore? Many animals have spooky stories made up about them. Is it just the way it looks or sounds? Werewolves are obvious monsters here!

What Halloween animals do you like best? Why?

The Best Animal News of 2020

Share it in the chat!

Alas, I don't have the best animal news of 2020 in the chat, but I was hoping you might!

2020 has been one of the most difficult years for many people, but many animals have found it to be a great year. Many cities have had record pet adoptions. Many animals have found their breeding grounds and habitats to be safer for use and more turtles were born. More dogs had their humans home, which made them super happy!

What do you think has been the best animal news of the year? Share it in the chat! 

What Animal Will Come Next?

Life after humans...

Every dominant species eventually finds its end, and current events certainly have many of us contemplating the doom of humankind. That said, once we're gone, another species will certainly rise to the top. The only question is... which one?

I the series The Future is Wild, scientists suppose that it will be giant squids that take over. I love this idea since they're already pretty good at avoiding us. They're also super smart. So is the octopus and the dolphin, for that matter, and I think they would also have a shot.

What animal do you think will replace the human as the dominant species on earth?

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Fostering Sick Cats

It's a great way to help out!

Did you know that cats in shelters have a really hard time recovering from respiratory illness? Given that many of them come down with this contagious disease, it's so important to find good volunteers to help the cats recover well and get adopted

Did you know that the major danger during this illness is the cat refusing to eat? Cats can't smell very well with an infection and will often refuse food. You have to be very creative! We've done this with many cats and while sometimes wet food works, sometimes it just doesn't. Some people try baby food or tuna; we have been successful with a small amount of lunch meat. Usually once they get eating they will start to eat their normal food again!

Do you help cats as a volunteer? Any tips for recovering cats? Share them in the chat! 

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