Bobcat Kills A Bunch of Petting Zoo Animals

The cat has been relocated

As a chicken owner, I know how helpless you can feel when there's a predator afoot terrorizing your animals. I've spent a few nights chasing off raccoons until payday when we could get a plank of wood to make coop repairs. I totally get that feeling. So when a petting zoo owner lost more than a dozen animals to a bobcat, I'm sure it was beyond frustrating.

Luckily the owner of Tucson Petting Zoo and Funny Foot Farm doesn't have to worry anymore now that the bobcat has been captured and is being relocated elsewhere. I'm so glad they're not putting the bobcat down. I know that in some cases it's unavailable, but if you can help all of the animals in question survive, that's the best case scenario.

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Pets in the Time of a Pandemic

They're happy, yet stressed...

There are plenty of memes that illustrate how happy our dogs and cats are now that we are home 24/7, although I think the dogs might be happier than the cats! Experts are now saying that although the animals are helping us cope, it's also stressing them out. It makes sense; stress is contagious, and they're probably feeling ours quite a bit. They're also used to playing while mom and dad are away, so not having that time away from us may also weigh heavily on our pets.

Pets are also unlikely to give us Covid, although they can get it themselves, at least as far as we know. Hopefully this will continue, and hopefully we can get it under control before too many pets get it. 

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Seeing Eye Dog Documentary

Have you seen it?

Pick of the Litter is a must-see movie for animal lovers. It's about guide dogs for people with blindness and it follows them from puppyhood all the way until they graduate. It's about their training and all of the people involved as well as the relationships that develop along the way.

I think the most surprising thing, aside from how many people have to work to get the dogs ready, is that there are dogs that are rejected. Only the best of the best make it through the program in order to make sure they are as reliable as possible. You just don't think about that when you picture guide dogs.

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Photos of Rare Black Wolf

These are absolutely gorgeous.

It's rare to see a black wolf, an animal that some indigenous peoples say is a harbinger of big life lessons to come. That's one reason why these photos of the majestic animal, caught on film by nature photographer Conrad Tan, are so neat.

The main reason, though, is that they are just breathtaking. Look at this creature! He absolutely gives me goosebumps. I hope he stays safe and lives a long, healthy life. What a beautiful animal.

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Surprising Animal Scavengers

Did you know about these?

Most of us expect to see vultures scavenging off other dead animals for sustenance, but I had no idea that butterflies did it! Can you believe that butterflies love the salt that's not only in our sweat (which is why you'll see them land on your arm), but on dead animals? They also like to lick feces and blood! Ew.

Most of us probably know that there are other birds, insects and other scavengers among us, from rodents to cockroaches, but why do they get such a bad name? Because they are eating gross food? It's actually super helpful to us. Imagine a world where all of that garbage was just left to sit around and rot! And animals like the hyena aren't only scavengers; most do a combination of that and hunting.

What other animals were you surprised to learn were scavengers? Share them in the chat!


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Competitive Dog Dancing

If you need your spirits lifted, this may help!

While I consider myself a cat person, I love my dogs and my cats very much. Molly, a six-year-old lab/heeler mix, LOVES to dance with me. If I even make a loud noise, she comes running, thinking it's time to dance! It's so cute. When I heard that competitive dog dancing was a thing, I knew I had to see more!

Just look at how adorable this is. As long as the pooches are happy with it, I'm all for it, and I'm for all the joy it's bound to bring people otherwise experiencing stress right now.

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Mummified Ice Age Animals Found

One is a rare complete specimen

A complete mummified wolf pup was discovered in Dawson City, Yukon, and is a rare, exciting find for scientists. Carbon dating places the animal at more than 50,000 years of age. The fact that this pup still has preserved fur is just incredible. A partial caribou was also discovered in a similar manner at another site, missing only its back end. The pup may be the first of its kind ever found.

The animals were discovered in an area with a volcanic ash bed, about a month apart. The pup was very young when it died at less than two months of age. Both were found by miners.

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Best Holiday Movies Featuring Loveable Animals

Which is your favorite?

The other day we watched the film Noelle, which was cute, but it also featured an adorable baby reindeer that easily stole every scene it was in. There's something about baby animals that just does that, right? It made me think of all of the other holiday movies starring animals that I have loved over the years.

Obviously Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer has to be the best, and I've always loved his Shiny New Year movie, too. But what about the classic movie Prancer? After watching it again with my family as an adult, I didn't love it as much, but I still enjoyed the reindeer. 

What is your favorite holiday movie featuring animals?

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Lab Meat Makes Progress

What do you think of it?

As a former vegetarian who knows most of our meat animals are treated poorly and that we need to cut down on meat production if we want to keep this planet as our home, I'm eager to embrace no-kill meat grown in a lab... as long as it's safe and ethically produced. Given how much garbage is already approved to be consumed, at least in the U.S., I have no doubt that it's possible such a product could be unsafe. But it could also be just what we need, so I'm following news like this closely.

A lab-grown meat is now approved for sale in Singapore. It's made by a San Francisco company called Eat Just who's trying to find a more sustainable way to consume meat. If that's true and their meat, which is grown in petri dishes from real animal cells taken through a biopsy and fed nutrients throughout its growth cycle, is the real deal, we could be looking at a big game changer here.

There are loads of ethics and concerns to consider, naturally. What do you think of lab-grown meat? Would you eat it?

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Animal Shelters Still Need Help

Can you help?

Early on during this pandemic, we saw a boom in pet adoption as people at home went to shelters in droves and adopted new fur babies. It's one of the best things that happened this year! Unfortunately that didn't stop all of the stray and neglected pets from reproducing and shelters still need lots of help to operate in these difficult times.

We volunteer at a local shelter that sends us a newsletter and we recently received a request for all of these items and more that could help them out. I bet your local shelter could use some of them, too!

Ping pong balls

Peanut butter

Kong toys

Plastic keys and rattles (for rabbits to play with)

Stuffed animals

Towels, sheets and blankets (even clean used ones)

Dish detergent, paper towels and hand sanitizer

Do you have any items you can donate? Call your local shelter and see how you can help. Know of any shelters especially in need? Post their links in the chat.

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