Registered Animal Offenders?

"I don’t think anyone intends to compare animal abuse to an offense on humans"

Animal abusers in Colorado may soon find themselves on a list they probably would rather not belong to – an animal offender registry that acts similar to a sex offender registry and would require offenders to be listed for up to five years in a public database.

The bill, House Bill 1087, went before the Colorado House Committee yesterday, and would cost about $160,000 to implement if passed.  Supporters of the bill say it would help keep people safe as well, pointing out that many serial killers begin by abusing animals.

Whatever the motivation behind this bill, I think it is a great start toward helping to save the lives of animals.  Suffolk County in New York was the first place to adopt such a bill, but states such as Arizona, California, Maryland, Rhode Island and Tennessee are considering similar bills.

Though this does nothing to prevent new offenders from abusing animals, it may help to ensure they do not have such easy access to their victims in the future. 

According to the Quick Poll found beneath the reference article, 80 percent of voters believe animal abuse should be tracked better, while a mere 20 percent say it would cost the state too much and should not be treated as seriously as sex offenses.

I don’t think anyone intends to compare animal abuse to an offense on humans, but the idea of a registry is a solid one and can potentially help to save the lives of not only animals, but also humans.


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