A really, big bunny rabbit

Well what can I say? A really, big bunny rabbit, four foot four and growing, who weights three stones seven -- what ever that is. It's "more than the weight of  boy of five, " says the London Daily Mail And the bunny rabbit "is only just over 12 months old "

Yes, he was bred in England. Ms Annette Edwards, of Worcester, England, a former pet store owner, has a hobby of breeding large rabbits that make it into the Guinness World Records. He is her 4th record setter.

He eats eighteen apples a day, a dozen carrots -- that must have their green tops. He is going on a world tour, has books and a calender coming out. What did I leave out? Yes, he replaced his mom as the world's biggest bunny rabbit. He goes by the name "King Darius" and seems to be treated like that ancient, regal, Persian potentate. And what else? Capitalism has been good to Ms. Edwards of Worcester, England.