Herbal Remedies for Animals

Herbal remedies for humans are all the rage these days, and for good reason.  You have more control over what goes into your body when you start taking responsibility for your own care, and you can pick and choose the things you need from the medicines provided by nature.  It makes sense then to also consider herbal treatments for some of the more common animal ailments.  You can use herbal remedies to treat worms, skin conditions and other minor troubles, having the reassurance that comes with not giving your animal potentially harmful chemical treatments.

Natural remedies are becoming more popular for pets, and you can find herbal remedies online and even in new specialty shops opened just for that purpose.  Herbal remedies are often safer than modern medical treatments, resulting in fewer side effects and problems while still offering excellent results.

Herbal remedies for animals may include natural deworming herbs given orally, salves and natural ointments to treat external wounds, and tinctures for treating all manner of problems from anxiety to carsickness.  It is not surprising that some of the common natural treatments we humans use can be used similarly for our animal companions, often with the same results and side effects.

If you are trying to pursue a more natural lifestyle for you and your family, you can easily include your pets in that regimen.  Talk to your veterinarian or a local holistic animal care person to find out more about herbal remedies that you can use for your animals, both pets and livestock.

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